Pure Imagination (NAD wonky refix)

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PURE IMAGINATION (NAD wonky refix) was, like NAD himself, conceived as a labour of love. NAD was born on the set of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, the 1971 musical film adaptation of the classic 1964 novel Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by the late Roald Dahl. NAD is the fourth of seven ‘love children’ spawned by director Mel Stuart and actress Ursula Reit who played Mrs Gloop, overweight Gold Ticket winner August Gloop’s mother, in the 1971 film.

Unfortunately, NAD’s love-parents split up when NAD was nine years old and he was forced to enter an orphanage after his mother was arrested for possession of cocaine and a stash of illegal firearms. However, the orphanage provided a relatively tranquil environment, and NAD grew up watching repeated re-runs of the film on television. NAD was particularly taken with Gene Wilder’s stirring rendition of “Pure Imagination” which had been composed under the influence of various narcotics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley.

NAD always felt there was something not quite right about the song and resolved to fix it when the time was right. That time arrived in the summer of 2012. Exploring the darker side of Willy Wonka’s personality, and convinced that his ‘refix’ would come to be considered THE definitive version of the song, NAD contacted an anonymous video producer who reinterpreted the “wonky refix” in visual terms.

The result is “Pure Imagination (NAD wonky refix)”.

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