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"40 Thieves EP"

The 40 Thieves EP draws on many cultural influences, and takes the listener on a compelling auditory expedition

The 40 Thieves EP draws on many cultural influences, and takes the listener on a compelling auditory expedition that can only be described as inspirationally unique.
40 Thieves
On the first track of the EP, you are instantly situated in a pulsating realm of vibrant exoticism. One which luminously evokes vivid, potent images of flying carpets, gold souks (and perhaps even Princess Jasmine herself on a rampageous night out) in the psyche of the listener.
The juxtaposition between the floating, haunting chromatic melody and deftly invigorating rapid bassline all serve to further heighten interest in this unusually encapsulating musical ambit. You are transported on a powerful and heady tour: influenced by contemporaneous grime, garage and dubstep merged with the mythological Arabian and Persian fuelled vibes. The track further exhibits fusion in its co-production between Nuphlo and label boss Tony 'Moody Boyz' Thorpe.
On this track you are immersed in cavernous world of intense sub-freqencies with Asian tabla rhythms amalgamated and mingled with cut-and-paste quickfire ragga vocal snippets - all of which are skilfully crafted and infused with dancehall, glitch and dubstep along with the kitchen sink. The ghostly melodica is reminiscent of the influential Augustus Pablo and hence serves further to heighten the theme of atmospheric contrast that comprises the track's arrangement. This is a tune that demands you leave your drink at the bar and throw shapes on the dancefloor!
This innovative track's title, which, literally translated from the Hindi means 'Palace,' takes its inspiration from the 1949 Bollywood horror hit of the same name. The film's themes of reincarnation, obsessive love and spectral visitations are echoed and mirrored in concurrence between deranged, resonant bassline and cinematically unnerving elevated strings combined with ambient female textures.
The sharp tempo drop, combined with the menacingly distorted male vocals, draw the listener to Naraka (The Sanskrit word for underworld). The track's implementation of a Bollyhop vibe further exhibits Nuphlo's talent for merging both historical East and modern-day urban West in a soundclash which is unflinchingly formulated. Think Flying Lotus, Ready Steady Cook making Murgh Tikka Masala.

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