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Redpine & Solo

A masterful EP with a cohesive yet diverse sound that will leave the listener wanting more.

Redpine & Solo are London and Leeds based musicians John Stuckey and Sam Moss. Two artists from totally different musical backgrounds coming together with one clear goal - to create electronic music with depth and soul. This collaboration plays on the relationship between urban and organic environments combining lush, cinematic textures with a raw, breakbeat-centred rhythmical core.
With an extensive musical background Redpine draws from a deep and melodic pallet creating rich and evolving soundscapes that will haunt you. Solo has a love for all things jungle - chopping classic, old school breaks and combining them with soulful, musical elements in such a way as to produce something truly creative and personal.
Their last EP 'Smoke City' found favour with some pretty heavy hitters. reviews and premieres with the likes of DJ Mag, Mixmag & The Ransom Note, along with some serious radio support from Toddla T on Radio 1. They have also won fans from diverse ends of the music spectrum including Rudimental, Hot Chip & Ray Keith.
But, enough looking backwards, its now time for their follow up EP 'Hindsight' on Studio Rockers. The Depth & Soul that is the calling card of their sound is in full effect here.
The title track featuring Franceskah sums up the EP's musical direction perfectly. Her ethereal vocal & beautiful floating melodies are under-pinned by heavy rolling drum breaks.
Next up 'Species' has a distinctly broken-beat feel, whilst still maintaining the EP's energy and flow.
This 4 tracker then takes a dynamic step up in both speed and vibe for its penultimate track 'This is It' which adopts a traditional Drum & Bass sound.
Then lastly, 'Nebula One' cools the proceedings down a little with some cinematic pads, synths and drum fills.
All in all, this is a masterful EP with a cohesive yet diverse sound that will leave the listener wanting more from this exciting production duo.

All tracks written & produced by Redpine & Solo.
Vocals on Hindsight by Franceskah.
Guitar on Species by Connor McDonald.
Mastered by Leon Atter @ Bespoke Audio Mastering.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Video by Sean Pearce
P & C 2016 Studio Rockers

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