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STUDR014: Nuphlo : 40 Thieves EP
STUDR015: Albert : Darling Now
STUDR019: Albert , FtAnna Lena: Lucky EP
STUDR020: Marcel Lune : Intergalactic Dance Floor Massacre EP
STUDR021: Lewis Badwan : A Season For Strangers EP
STUDR022: Nuphlo , FtMC Lantan: Book Of The Jungle EP
STUDR023: EVM128 , FtDaiva: Naked Truth
STUDR024: Bunny On Acid , FtAmp Fiddler: Are You A Rainbow? EP
STUDR024R: Bunny On Acid , FtAmp Fiddler: It's On (Remixes)
STUDR025: EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond Revisited
STUDRCD003: Various Artists : Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 2
STUDREP002: Various Artists : Rewired EP
STUDR029: EVM128 : Strangers
STUDRCDLP005: Marcel Lune : Sounds From The Desert Gully
STUDRCDLP006: EVM128 : Nova
STUDR030: Albert : Back & Forth
STUDR031: Marcel Lune : Desert Gully Revisited
STUDR027: Marcel Lune : Marcel Lune
STUDR028: Redpine & Solo : Smoke City EP
STUDR032: Redpine & Solo : Hindsight
STUDR033: EVM128 : Nova Remixes
STUDR036: Marcel Lune : Jet Lii
STUDR034: Marcel Lune : Sounds From The Desert Gully Remixed
STUDR038: Bunny On Acid : What Colours Are?
STUDR037: Rygby : Starship Trooper EP
STUDRCDLP008: Nuphlo : Digital Culture Clash
STUDR035: Lewis Badwan : Stranger Than Paradise
STUDR039: Nuphlo : Mountains / Love You More
STUDRCDLP004: Bunny On Acid : Scars And Memories
STUDR042: The Last Poets : We Must Be Sacred
STUDR043: EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes
STUDR040: Neuschul : Flooded
STUDRCDLP011: Various Artists : Input Vol 1
STUDR044: Redpine & Solo : Time 4 Change
STUDR047: Redpine & Solo : Citizen
STUDRCDLP012: Various Artists : Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 4
STUDRCDLP013: Various Artists : Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 5
STUDR049: Marcel Lune : Tearz
STUDR050: EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (2022 Remixes)

Other Tracks By this Artist

Albert : Darling Now
Albert : Side Showed out
Albert : Can't Lie Still
Albert : Whore's Bath
Albert : Start Of Something New
Marcel Lune : Umm Eh
Marcel Lune : Imhotep
Marcel Lune : Satelite Swag
Marcel Lune : Cloud 9
Marcel Lune : Eight Legged Elephant
Marcel Lune : Spy Glass
Lewis Badwan : Sea Of Trees
Lewis Badwan : Watch Yourself
Lewis Badwan : Don't Stop
Lewis Badwan : A Perfect Yellow
Lewis Badwan : Nightshade
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth (Garage Remix)
EVM128 : Beyond
EVM128 : Dibbi Dibbi
Bunny On Acid & Amp Fiddler : It's On
Bunny On Acid : Are You A Rainbow?
Bunny On Acid : Daydream
Bunny On Acid : When We Touch
Bunny On Acid & Amp Fiddler : It's On (EVM128 Remix)
Bunny On Acid & Amp Fiddler : It's On (Badwan's Enterthevoid Mix)
Bunny On Acid & Amp Fiddler : It's On (Dameek1 Vocal)
Bunny On Acid & Amp Fiddler : It's On (Dameek1 Dub)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Dub Rub)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Marcel Lune Remix)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Marcel Lune Dub)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Instrumental)
Nuphlo : Nona (160 Refix)
Bunny On Acid : Locked
Marcel Lune : Mungenden
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth (Garage Remix)
Lewis Badwan : Sea of Trees
Albert & Papa Jawal : Drippin The Who
Albert : Cross Eyed
Nuphlo : Karma than Calm
EVM128 : Strangers
EVM128 , FtShyone: Mother Nature
EVM128 : Nova
EVM128 , FtEvermean: Slo Mo
EVM128 , FtEvermean: Strangers
EVM128 , FtShy One: Mother Nature
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond
EVM128 , FtOlmo Cassibba: Treatment
EVM128 , FtDaiva: Naked Truth
EVM128 : Realtime
EVM128 , FtBahia: Twisted
EVM128 , FtDaiva: Feel It
EVM128 , FtRomaine Smith: Battle
EVM128 , FtJosephXVI & Daiva: Human
Albert : Back & Forth
Albert : How Much Is Too Much
Albert : Animal Farm
Redpine & Solo : Smoke City
Redpine & Solo : Stay True
Redpine & Solo : I Am Someone
Redpine & Solo , FtFranceskah: The Love Ft. Franceskah
Lewis Badwan : Evermore
Lewis Badwan : Bugei
Lewis Badwan : Back To Belgium
Lewis Badwan : Jasmine & Saffron
Lewis Badwan : Evermore (Danvers Remix)
Lewis Badwan : Evermore (Egonstick Remix)
Nuphlo , FtSukh Knight: Mountains
Nuphlo : Love You More
Nuphlo , FtSukh Knight: Mountains (Moresounds Remix)
Nuphlo : Love You More (The Landslide Vitamin Remix)
The Last Poets : We Must Be Sacred (EVM128 feat. Marcel Lune Remix)
The Last Poets : We Must Be Sacred (EVM128 feat. Marcel Lune Instrumental Remix)
Neuschul : Flooded
Neuschul : Stay Open (Rework)
Neuschul : Gravity
Neuschul : Submerge
Neuschul : Stay Open (Rework Instrumental)
Neuschul : Flooded (Instrumental)
Neuschul : Flooded (Redpine & Solo Remix)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes
Turbojazz & EVM128 : Read Him
iLL Smith & EVM128 , FtNesha Nycee: Gold
Gonzi & EVM128 : Gut Level
Shy One & EVM128 , FtSteve Edwards: One Design
EVM128 , FtDaiva: The Edge
Ishfaq & EVM128 , FtNatalie May: Complete Me
EVM128 & Gonzi, James Rudie & Ishfaq : Naughty Groove
EVM128 : Changes (Instrumental)
iLL Smith & EVM128 : Gold (Instrumental)
Shy One & EVM128 : One Design (Instrumental)
EVM128 : The Edge (Instrumental)
Ishfaq & EVM128 : Complete Me (Instrumental)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Renato's Live Version)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Trev Remix)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Renato's Live Instrumental Version)
EVM128 : Changes (Trev Instrumental Remix)
Redpine & Solo : Time 4 Change
Redpine & Solo : Nebula Two
Redpine & Solo : Echo Chamber
Redpine & Solo : Citizen
Redpine & Solo : Re-Mind
Redpine & Solo : Zoom Out
Redpine & Solo : Nowhere
Redpine & Solo : Echo Chamber
Nuphlo : Oshun
Marcel Lune : Africa 19
EVM128 : Changes (Instrumental)
Marcel Lune : Tearz
Marcel Lune : Imagine The Future
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Mystic Matts Saxxy AF Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Xtra Brux Xistential Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (James Rudie Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Szajna Remix)
Redpine & Solo : Warp
Nuphlo : Hemisphere
Chris Bradshaw : It's All Love
Effersay : Freakydeeky
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Xtra Brux Xistential Remix)
Beekay : Take Me
RTv31 : Test Track
Marcel Lune : Tearz
Musou : Timewalk
Beatnikolas : Echos Of The Future
Demure : Lindelwe
Dandragon : 20 Degrees In The Shade

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Various Artists
"Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 3"

London-based record label Studio Rockers unveils its latest showcase of innovative talent with the latest in their '@ The Controls' series, set for release on 26th August 2016.
Always striving to unearth and promote new talent, Studio Rockers has established itself as one of the heaviest and most innovative labels in the electronic scene. 'Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 3' gathers together new and exclusive tracks from artists familiar to the label and some new faces. Collecting broken-beat, jungle, house and downbeat; a soulful vibe unites the tracks - cosmic sounds, heavenly chords and funky bass pitched with beats ever so slightly swung from centre.
"I still love unearthing new music and new talent. Seven months of hard graft went into compelling this, my 20th various artist compilation album." - Tony Thorpe, Studio Rockers
Selected artist notes:
Nuphlo AKA Mannie Sandhu is a producer/DJ based in Leeds. His style is a combination of depth and dancefloor while always trying to keep things a bit different.
Redpine & Solo are London and Leeds based musicians John Stuckey and Sam Moss. Two artists from totally different musical backgrounds coming together with one clear goal – to create electronic music with depth and soul.
EVM128, AKA Evermean Beats is a producer and DJ originally from Bristol, now based in East London. He has been on the radar for a few years and has supported the likes of LV, Artwork, Darq E Freaker, Flako, Afrika Hi-tek, Dj Vadim, Roots Manuva, Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay and Don Letts.
Hailing from the small town of Stroud, SW England, young upstart Marcel Lune (AKA Motz Workman) has been quickly building his reputation as one of the hottest new talents in UK Bass Music. With his re-fix of Inner City’s classic 'Big Fun' and remixes for Enter Shikari, The Moodyboyz & Zacky Force Funk (One of Gonjasufi’s latest signings) underway he has already gained support from the likes of Paul Woolford and Mala.
Though he was already playing around with a bit of D’n’B productions for a while, it was only after a revelatory visit to DMZ at Brixton’s Mass, that Izik created the Bunny On Acid moniker, influenced by the dubstep movement and the FlyLo-like fringes of the hip-hop world.
Lewis Badwan is a composer based in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Focusing on percussion and melody, Lewis’ style amalgamates both Eastern and Western influences whilst, to an extent, still haunts the contemporary London scene.

01. Nuphlo - Haradrim
Written by Manjinder Sadhu. Published by Dharma Songs.
02. Rygby - Skeletonkey
Written, Produced & Mixed by Joe Potts. Published by Dharma Songs.
03. Redpine & Solo - Species
Written & produced by Redpine & Solo. Guitar by Connor McDonald. Published by Dharma Songs.
04. Manyoba - Arctic
Written & Produced by Langa Manyoba. Mixed by Marcel Lune. Published by Dharma Songs.
05. EVM128 - Slo Mo (VIP Mix)
Written & Produced by Luke Meads. Published by Dharma Songs.
06. Marcel Lune - Temples
Written & produced by Motz Workman. Published by Dharma Songs.
07. Extra Breaks - Blue Is Not A Colour
Written, Produced & Mixed by Leon Atter. Published by Dharma Songs.
08. PNFA - Odd Space Objects
Written, Produced & Mixed by Wolfram Gruss. Published by Dharma Songs.
09. Bunny On Acid - SVT
Written & Produced by Isaac Finley. Published by Dharma Songs.
10. Mr K - Catch
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kyle Smith. Published by Dharma Songs.
11. Kim Cosmic - Renaissance
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kimberley Robinson. Published by Dharma Songs.
12. Essa Weira Ft. Luc - Night Fire
Written, Produced & Mixed by Caz Bowyer. Published by Copyright Control.
13. Albert - How Much Is Too Much
Written & Produced by Magnus Albert Vilhelm Wanscher. Published by Dharma Songs.
14. Neuschul - Stay Open
Written by Michelle Denny, Luke and Japer Norland. Produced & Mixed by Luke and Japer Norland. Published by Copyright Control.
15. Lewis Badwan - Eternal Return
Written & Produced by Boris Holmes. Published by Dharma Songs.

1. Nuphlo - Haradrim Buy Track ( 0.94)
2. Rygby - Skeletonkey Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Redpine & Solo - Species Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. Manyoba - Arctic Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. EVM128 - Slo Mo [VIP Mix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Marcel Lune - Temples Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. Extra Breaks - Blue Is Not A Colour Buy Track ( 0.94)
8. PNFA - Odd Space Objects Buy Track ( 0.94)
9. Bunny On Acid - SVT Buy Track ( 0.94)
10. Mr K - Catch Buy Track ( 0.94)
11. Kim Cosmic - Renaissance Buy Track ( 0.94)
12. Essa Weira, Ft. Luc - Night Fire Buy Track ( 0.94)
13. Albert - How Much Is Too Much
14. Neuschul - Stay Open Buy Track ( 0.94)
15. Lewis Badwan - Eternal Return Buy Track ( 0.94)