Various Artists
"Rewired EP"

Up next on Studio Rockers we are proud to present the Re-Wired EP, introducing you to four producers that we are very excited about. Each bringing their own unique flavours, this is a tantalizing taster of some of the exciting things you can expect from the label in the coming months.
The EP is kick-started in fine style by Pempi with ‘Fire ft. Jahbliss’. Going straight for the jugular, Pempi reformulates classic dub foundations into a futuristic, energetic skanker. Driving on the 4x4 pulse of the kick and the skittering percussion, he weaves in a re-wired horn melody before unleashing the thundering, bouncing bassline.
Next up to the plate is Dodge Vyrus who drops the monsterous ‘Wa Gwaaan’. He certainly doesn’t pull any punches, bringing the heat with a mangled, maniacal bassline that contorts and glitches with rib shaking precision. Ominous pads and mechanical whirring build the atmosphere and anticipation before skillfully dropping the bass, which is held together by the tight reverberation of the snares and the waves of percussion.
Albert switches things up completely with his contribution, ‘Cross Eyed’. Building on the simple synth refrain, he masterfully slides a rolling 2-step beat underneath, tilting the track into momentum. Juxtaposing a series of textures to beautiful effect, it continues to progress throughout as snippets of vocals and melodies slice in and out of the dreamy haze letting the rhythmic foundations drive the track forward.
The EP is rounded off by Leeds-based producer Nuphlo’s ‘Karma Than Calm’. Part of the Nasha collective who have been garnering a lot of attention of late, Nuphlo draws on Indian melodies and instrumentation, fusing them with the punishing beats and weighty subs of dubstep. As the vocals and deft melodic touches rise through the atmosphere, he cleverly builds a groove as the percussion coalesces around the pounding kicks. Building to the drop, he releases an ADD mechanoid bass that twitches and jitters, collapsing in on itself before bursting back out with renewed ferociousness.

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