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Lewis Badwan
"A Season For Strangers EP"

Lewis Badwan is a composer based in Kingston-Upon-Thames, and is the latest signing to London's Studio Rockers label. Focusing on percussion and melody, Badwan's style is rooted firmly in the UK sound whilst amalgamating both Eastern and Western influences to create his diverse palette a spirited expression.
Opening track 'Sea Of Trees' is a melodic beast that show's the young producer’s deft ability to mould percussive tones and effected vocal phrases into a slick, subversive pop instrumental. Up next, 'Watching You' is popped up 140 track that reigns in eastern drum timbres and solid Amazonian swing, pairing it with a bumping chord sequence and punchy bass. Floaty dancefloor vibes right here.
'Don't Stop' brings proceedings down to 130 house tempo, with strong melodic motifs from the off. The beats are solid with plenty of that East-meets-West flair pulled off to great effect. The chords progress throughout and allow the beats to breathe, again perfect for that twilight club session. 'A Perfect Yellow' get's things back on a mellow tip, with strummed guitars, synth harmonies and a warm bass line, it's a downtempo record in a style that's all his own.
EP finisher 'Nightshade' kicks off with the sound of rain and a fuzzy synth pad, before diving into a broken-beat meets jungle jazz fusion record, with an enigmatic walking bass line and some mad sound effects and percussion. It's a fitting end to a diverse EP.
Badwan's often playful spin on each style lends to a record that's as broad as it is unique. Out digitally in all good record stores this Summer.

Written & Produced by B. Holmes.
Mastered by Chris Lewis.
Sea Of Trees: performed by Dodo.
Published by Dharma Songs
P & C 2013 Studio Rockers

1. Sea Of Trees
2. Watch Yourself
3. Don't Stop
4. A Perfect Yellow
5. Nightshade