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"4 U"

Making his return to Studio Rockers

Making his return to Studio Rockers, we see the Zimbabwean talent Demure deliver some sonic magic in the form of a sublime 5 track EP entitled '4 U'. Intricate, atmospheric and and well thought out compositions are his forte. Now based in the UK, Demure has had a string of releases in the last last few years via Studios Rockers as well as Dank N Dirty and Silk Sofa Music.
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The title track 4 U features UK vocalist Frankie Knight. Hailing from the cost of the South West of England, she has become known for her silky smooth and soulful vocals. The warm sub bass glides in between the stripped back and loose hip-hip style drums. The dreamy vocal layers coincide with the subtle synth pads and shimmers, all elements united with each other, with a genuine feeling of space. The release also includes and instrumental version.
Low swung metallic percussion and thick chords are key identifiers of the second track 'Lindelwe'.The tracks timing and rhythm evolves around the snare drop, which either cuts or introduces new elements into the mix. Additional piano notes and synth melodies are introduced into this clean cut production.
On the more Lo-Fi side of the release, we have 'Vuka'. The warped Rhode keys, double bass, fluttering flutes and harp like sounds all contribute to the jazzy feel to this piece of work. These ingredients are underlined with a percussive style of Dubstep beat, with echoing dub sirens.
Finishing the release of we have 'Ubuhlungu', which has a more raw style of production with a moody and textured bass line and delayed vocals samples.
This release highlights the detail and delicacy of Demure's productions, perfectly executing his refined style.

Written & Produced by Langa Manyoba. Except "4 U": Written by Langa Manyoba & Frankie Knight. Produced by Langa Manyoba.
Published by Dharma Songs. Except "4 U": Published by Dharma Songs / Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2021 Studio Rockers

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