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Marcel Lune : Umm Eh
Marcel Lune : Imhotep
Marcel Lune : Satelite Swag
Marcel Lune : Cloud 9
Marcel Lune : Eight Legged Elephant
Marcel Lune : Spy Glass
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth (Garage Remix)
EVM128 : Beyond
EVM128 : Dibbi Dibbi
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Dub Rub)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Marcel Lune Remix)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Marcel Lune Dub)
EVM128 & Omar : Beyond Revisited (Instrumental)
Nuphlo : Nona (160 Refix)
Marcel Lune : Mungenden
EVM128 & Daiva : Naked Truth (Garage Remix)
Nuphlo : Karma than Calm
EVM128 : Strangers
EVM128 , FtShyone: Mother Nature
EVM128 : Nova
EVM128 , FtEvermean: Slo Mo
EVM128 , FtEvermean: Strangers
EVM128 , FtShy One: Mother Nature
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond
EVM128 , FtOlmo Cassibba: Treatment
EVM128 , FtDaiva: Naked Truth
EVM128 : Realtime
EVM128 , FtBahia: Twisted
EVM128 , FtDaiva: Feel It
EVM128 , FtRomaine Smith: Battle
EVM128 , FtJosephXVI & Daiva: Human
Redpine & Solo : Smoke City
Redpine & Solo : Stay True
Redpine & Solo : I Am Someone
Redpine & Solo , FtFranceskah: The Love Ft. Franceskah
Nuphlo , FtSukh Knight: Mountains
Nuphlo : Love You More
Nuphlo , FtSukh Knight: Mountains (Moresounds Remix)
Nuphlo : Love You More (The Landslide Vitamin Remix)
The Last Poets : We Must Be Sacred (EVM128 feat. Marcel Lune Remix)
The Last Poets : We Must Be Sacred (EVM128 feat. Marcel Lune Instrumental Remix)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes
Turbojazz & EVM128 : Read Him
iLL Smith & EVM128 , FtNesha Nycee: Gold
Gonzi & EVM128 : Gut Level
Shy One & EVM128 , FtSteve Edwards: One Design
EVM128 , FtDaiva: The Edge
Ishfaq & EVM128 , FtNatalie May: Complete Me
EVM128 & Gonzi, James Rudie & Ishfaq : Naughty Groove
EVM128 : Changes (Instrumental)
iLL Smith & EVM128 : Gold (Instrumental)
Shy One & EVM128 : One Design (Instrumental)
EVM128 : The Edge (Instrumental)
Ishfaq & EVM128 : Complete Me (Instrumental)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Renato's Live Version)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Trev Remix)
EVM128 , FtRenato Paris: Changes (Renato's Live Instrumental Version)
EVM128 : Changes (Trev Instrumental Remix)
Demure : Umfokazi
Demure : Time
Demure , FtRaggs: Muroyi
Demure : Umzingeli
Redpine & Solo : Time 4 Change
Redpine & Solo : Nebula Two
Redpine & Solo : Echo Chamber
Redpine & Solo : Citizen
Redpine & Solo : Re-Mind
Redpine & Solo : Zoom Out
Redpine & Solo : Nowhere
Demure , FtFrankie Knight: 4 U
Demure : Lindelwe
Demure : Vuka
Demure : Ubuhlungu
Demure , FtFrankie Knight: 4 U (Instrumental)
Marcel Lune : Tearz
Marcel Lune : Imagine The Future
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Mystic Matts Saxxy AF Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Xtra Brux Xistential Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (James Rudie Remix)
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Szajna Remix)
Redpine & Solo : Warp
Nuphlo : Hemisphere
Chris Bradshaw : It's All Love
Effersay : Freakydeeky
EVM128 , FtOmar: Beyond (Xtra Brux Xistential Remix)
Beekay : Take Me
RTv31 : Test Track
Marcel Lune : Tearz
Musou : Timewalk
Beatnikolas : Echos Of The Future
Demure : Lindelwe
Dandragon : 20 Degrees In The Shade

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Various Artists
"Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 4"

London based label Studio Rockers are back at the helm for the 4th installment of @ The Controls.

London based label Studio Rockers are back at the helm for the 4th installment of @ The Controls. Always aiming to shine a light on new & established artist from across the globe, this 12 track compilation keeps up to that reputation...
Things kick off with "Echo Chamber" a track from Redpine & Solo's recent(ish) "Time 4 Change" EP. Sci-fi inspired synths and stripped back beats lead into some serious sub bass rumblings, all the while building breaks into almost tribal sounding beats. Next up is "VPTY" from West London based producer, Effersay. He started off playing bass in various bands until he realised that sine waves hit harder and he's been hanging round the bass bins ever since! The layered metallic percussion stutters and filters in & out across the stereo field, all underlined with a thick rumbling bass line and melodic delayed synths.
Recent Studio Rockers signing Demure sets a flowing dreamlike vibe on "Muhle". The dubby and luscious pads, combined with gentle textured atmospheres create a highly-refined soundscape. The rhythmic kicks cruze over the top of the deep sub bass, flowing together and driving the track forward. Demure's focus on sound-design and attention to dynamics are nothing short of amazing and the Zimbabwean producer is getting the nod from forward-thinking producers within the scene.
Nuphlo delivers a heavy hitter by the name of 'Oshun'. The track clearly shows his love for bass heavy music. The track is filled with tribalistic percussion, eastern tones and a plethora of drum fills. The chugging bass line bursts through the speakers at over 170BPM making it the fastest track on the compilation. Big breakdowns and stand out vocals cuts echo into the void...
Jabru is know for his mixture of rhythmic house and UK bass, releasing on labels such as Losing Suki, !K7, Bucky Skank, Sound Of The Cosmos and Futureboogie. He also makes up 1 Half of Bruh Jackman alongside Hackman. "Abyss" allows the natural groove and soul of the track to entice you in. Chunky organic drums and percussion fluctuate around the melodic synths, with snippets of funky organ and drum rolls giving this track a special flavor.
Tyler Bireley (aka No Remorse) is an electronic producer/DJ from Virginia. No Remorse is putting his experience to work in the free form & deep bass music communities. Reminiscent of the grime / 2-step golden era, No Remorse's 'Swampy' delivers a stripped back yet spooky track. The hollow off beat percussion, and bold classic square wave synth clearly identify this track within the genre. The pitch bent vocals and sound effects float on top of deep trembling sub bass.
Smooth and slick are two words to describe Glasgow born Khromi's "Absense". This delicate and soulful track has fluttering hats with a UKG swing to the drums. The gentle pads and rolling subs, glide along, whilst the subtle use of the vocoder puts the cherry on the cake. Marcel Lune needs little introduction to the Studio Rockers fan base.... he's been doing his thing with us since 2013, dropping hot tune after hot tune. He delivers another vibrant and upbeat track for @ The Controls Level 4 in 'Africa 19'. Bursting with saxophone, piano and other natural sounding instruments, as well as the chunky percussion and rhythms that are sure to make make your body move. The layers of vocals samples, jazzy keys and general carnival atmosphere brings a warm summer feeling.
Another Studio Rockers regular next, EVM128. The instrumental version of his recent colab with Renato Paris "Changes", swinging percussion, laced with jazzy keys and shuffling guitar. The phat bass and punchy drums combine in all the right ways. One of the more emotional tracks on the compilation, comes from Jay Espi and features vocals from Elle. 'SMMRAIN' boasts a tightly controlled bass that modulates and flexes around the stripped back, yet intricate drums. The layers of powerful pitch bend vocals from Elle, fill the sonic sphere full of wonder.
Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, just a few miles from the "Gap" in The Gap Band, Musou is a low-key pseudonymous producer who's been a persistent feature of the stateside grassroots DNB scene for over fifteen years, with appearances on multiple Bassdrive radio programs and bass-focused club nights from Boston to Houston. Inspired by a childhood of scouring the early web for UK pirate radio rips, Musou's music explores the sibling genres of DnB, hiphop, and dancehall, with a nostalgic gaze fixed on recalling a time when we were not afraid to imagine the future. Visionary V.I.P infuses dreamlike shimmering synth arpeggios and pads with an amen break meets Danchall beat. There is a strong dubby bass that underlines the whole track to create a warm and bouncing feel. Vocals cut in and out, whilst strings begin to emerge before a break down comes in that almost reduces to silence before the drop.
PNFA has been outputting quality music since 1996. The German producer Wolfram Gruss fuses jazzy elements, with soulful R&B or deep house, right through to drum'n'bass and distorted bass lines. Uplifting melodies and energetic percussion can be found within "Critical Match". There is a serious bounce to this track and all the elements rises and fall in unison, with different tonal layers creating a summer sonic collage.

01 - Redpine & Solo - Echo Chamber
Written & Produced by Sam Moss.
Published by Dharma Songs.
02 Effersay - VPTY
Written & Produced by Caspar Mason.
Published by Dharma Songs.
03 Demure - Muhle
Written & Produced by Langa Manyoba.
Published by Dharma Songs.
04 Nuphlo - Oshun
Written by Manjinder Sandhu. Produced by Nuphlo.
Published by Dharma Songs.
05 Jabru - Abyss
Written & Produced by Aidan Wallwork.
Published by Copyright Control.
06 No Remorse - Swampy
Written & Produced by Tyler Bireley.
Published by Dharma Songs.
07 Khromi - Absense
Written & produced by Hamed Hanif.
Published by Dharma Songs.
08 Marcel Lune - Africa 19
Written & Produced by Motz Workman.
Published by Dharma Songs.
09 EVM128 - Changes (Instrumental)
Written by Luke Meads.
Published by Dharma Songs.
10 Jay Espi x Elle - SMMRAIN
Written & Produced by Jay Espi & Elle.
Published by Copyright Control.
11 Musou - Visionary V.I.P
Written & Produced by Anthony Ryan Reynolds.
Published by Dharma Songs.
12 PNFA - Critical Match
Written, Produced & Mixed by Wolfram Gruss.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) 2021 Studio Rockers

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