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"Darling Now"

Studio Rockers proudly presents the first offering from the enigmatic "Albert"

Studio Rockers proudly presents the first offering from the enigmatic "Albert", a deep and thoughtful journey into the sounds of Future Garage and well beyond.
Hailing from Copenhagen in Denmark, Albert started making Hip-Hop beats while he was still living with the old folks back in 1995. In around 2001, he was turned on to 4/4 rhythms, and began producing his own tracks. In the space of only a few years he had become an accomplished DJ and producer, playing at nights all over town and bagging himself a residency at Dunkel, one of Denmark's premier club nights. He then had a couple of Techno/House releases under his real name Magnus Wanscher, most notably on Nightology Records. Not content with this early success though, he continued to develop his exciting sound until a few years ago, Dubstep and 2-step caught his attention and the rest, as they say, "is history"
The opening track, "Darling Now" plunges the listener into a dark pool of ominous atmosphere, sweeping synths, dark rolling sub bass and skittering drums. It perches itself on the precipus between melancholic and uplifting tones perfectly and sets the scene for the following tracks on the E.P
"Side showed out" deep booming bass echoes around this enormous track, with gutteral synths slicing through it, the drums take on a leftfield- esque feel, building up the pace throughout the track before reaching a goosebump enducing break and drop.
"Can't lie still" is a dark and brooding number, full of industrial sounds coupled with jumpy arpeggiated synth patterns. An sense of edginess and nervousness is present throughout the track making it an interesting listen.
"Whores Bath" the final track on the E.P couples 2-step with the familiar atmospheric touches present throughout the release. The track takes on more of a grime edge with jagged notes protruding menacingly through the haze.

1. Darling Now
2. Side Showed out
3. Can't Lie Still
4. Whore's Bath
5. Start Of Something New