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"Back & Forth"

Studio Rockers are proud to present the latest offering from Copenhagen producer ALBERT with The Back and Forth EP.
His previous release, the 'Lucky EP' received much critical acclaim and attention from the likes of Diplo, DJ EZ, Hackman, Pathaan, Chris Coco and Ghost Records.
This 3-track release is his first solo project in two and a half years, using that time to focus on the trailblazing Danish Hip Hop project 'Benal' with rapper Benjamin Hav. They've been featured by our friends at Noisey.
Each track on 'The Back and Forth EP' has a distinct personality and flavour.
1.'Back and Forth': Albert begins this EP with a display of his unique dance music sensibility; A dark, melodic and atmospheric four-to-the-floor composition that immediately transports to the dance floor. Albert has an undeniable knack for soundscape production, creating a track layered with filtered vocal samples and exotic synths while driven by deep, dirty techno drums and percussion.
2.'How Much is Too Much': This second track, in spite of it's contrasting experimental elements, transitions smoothly from the first. 'How Much is Too Much' is an unorthodox and psychedelic broken beat composition, shirking all pop sensibilities for an unpredictable drum pattern with jazzy, free-form synth and keyboard sounds.
3.'Animal Farm': A minimal, yet cerebral grime-hop composition, Albert is once again displaying his soundscape production genius with various sounds and elements that come and go within the track as they please. From the Trap-influenced hi-hats and claps, to the tribal drums, droning vocal loops and synth stabs, 'Animal Farm' is a comfortably and beautifully fitting punctuation.
'The Back and Forth EP'. Coming this October 2015, only on Studio Rockers.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Magnus Albert Vilhelm Wanscher.
Recorded at Studio 2200 Copenhagen Denmark.
Artwork by Josefine Eliasson.
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor.
Published by Dharma songs.
(P) 2015 Studio Rockers
(C) 2015 Studio Rockers

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