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EVM128, Ft. Renato Paris

After releasing his "Input vol 1" LP back in July, EVM128 returns with single "Changes".

After releasing his Double LP "Input vol 1" back in July, EVM128 returns with a single comprising of brand new edits of the previously released "Changes". His album Input Vol. 1, featured several collaborations with artists such as Shy One, iLL Smith, Gonzi and Renato Paris, whom featured on Changes.
The Bristol born, London based producer has been releasing music since 2011, and still continues to showcase his wide-ranging style that infuse soul, electro, disco and hip-hop. With previous releases on meltdown music, CoOp presents, Selectors Assemble Crew, he now continues to work with Studio Rockers.
The single opens with a live version of "Changes" by Renato Paris. This was first performed at the improvised jazz Jam called Straight Pocket at Pure Vinyl Records in Brixton, London. EVM128 recalls being blown away after hearing this version that they decided to record it in a studio for this release. Expect swinging percussion, laced with jazzy keys and shuffling guitar. The soulful vocals work their magic over the warm rolling bassline. This version offers a softer and more organic approach, when compared to the original and the other edits.
London-based musician and producer David Trevelyan steps up for the remix. Since 2018 he has worked under the "Trev" moniker and has delivered a vibrant and electronic version that still retains the jazzy feel. The stepping beats and bright synths generate a lot of movement in the track. This, combined with the solid bassline and chopped vocals, highlights the tracks UK Garage roots. However, Trev seamlessly creates something that sounds fresh, and that incorporates different elements, from varying genres, across dance music history.
The final two tracks of the release are instrumental versions of the aforementioned remixes. These give any DJ more flexibility, when mixing with vocals.
An energetic release, with a wide array of acoustic and electronic styles.

Written by EVM128.
Vocal Written & Performed by Renato Paris.
Remix & Additional Production on 02. & 04. by Trev.
Musicians on Renato's live version:
Renato Paris: Vocals, Keys & Piano.
Joon Switon: Guitar.
Jonathan Lionge Monga Moko: Bass.
Ayo Salawu: Drums.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2019 Studio Rockers

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