Various Artists
"Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 5"

Buckle up! Studio Rockers are back with another mega edition of "@ The Controls"

Buckle up! Studio Rockers are back with another mega various artists compilation '@ The Controls Level 5'. This latest edition combines futuristic sounds that resonate back to some the the UK's most celebrated electronic genres, as well as pushing things forward around the globe. Combining fresh tracks, welcoming new names to the label, plus some of the familiar faces you always love to hear. Expect all things sub heavy!
Coming in hard! The first four tracks on the twelve stacked release are for the DnB / jungle heads, ranging around the 180bpm mark. Thick fuzzy baselines, bitcrushed beats and amazing Amens. Some of the Studio Rockers all stars; Redpine & Solo, Nuphlo and EVM128 all deliver the goods for this compilation. You can also find recent signee Effersay and new artist Chris Bradshaw, contributing quality tracks.
The release continues its journey into new realms with skipping 2-step beats and smooth and soulful melodies. The additional new artists include Beekay, Dandragon, Beatnikolas, RTv31 are warmly welcomed with their productions that unite together, fusing jazzy keys with shuffling percussion and warm bold baselines. Demure, Marcel Lune and Musou who have previously had releases on Studio Rockers, continue to display the labels genre spanning vision, fusing jungle & dubstep to Detroit Techno, Downtempo to IDM and all things bass driven!

1 Redpine & Solo - Warp
Written & Produced by Sam Moss.
Published by Dharma Songs.
2 Nuphlo - Hemisphere
Written by Manjinder Sandhu.
Produced by Nuphlo.
Published by Dharma Songs.
3 Chris Bradshaw - It's All Love
Written & Produced by Chris Bradshaw.
Published by Dharma Songs.
4 Effersay - Freakydeeky
Written & Produced by Caspar Mason.
Published by Dharma Songs.
5 EVM128 feat Omar - Beyond (Xtra Brux Xistential Remix)
Written and Produced by Clifford Luke Meads.
Lyrics Written by Paul Everton Leveridge.
Vocals Performed by OMAR.
Published by Dharma Songs / May Music Limited.
6 Beekay - Take Me
Written & Produced by Ben Krawiec.
Published by Copyright Control.
7 RTv31 - Test Track
Written & Produced by Ben Stephen.
Published by Dharma Songs.
8 Marcel Lune - Tearz
Written & Produced by Motz Workman.
Published by Dharma Songs.
9 Musou - Timewalk
Written & Produced by Anthony Ryan Reynolds.
Published by Dharma Songs.
10 Beatnikolas - Echoes Of The Future
Written & Produced by Aron Thompson.
Published by Dharma Songs.
11 Demure - Lindelwe
Written & Produced by Langa Manyoba.
Published by Dharma Songs.
12 Dandragon - 20 Degrees In The Shade
Written & Produced by Daniel Thomas Butle.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Mastered @ Praxis Audio.
(P) & C() 2023 Studio Rockers

1. Redpine & Solo - Warp Buy Track ( 0.94)
2. Nuphlo - Hemisphere Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Chris Bradshaw - It's All Love Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. Effersay - Freakydeeky Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. EVM128, Ft. Omar - Beyond [Xtra Brux Xistential Remix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Beekay - Take Me Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. RTv31 - Test Track Buy Track ( 0.94)
8. Marcel Lune - Tearz Buy Track ( 0.94)
9. Musou - Timewalk Buy Track ( 0.94)
10. Beatnikolas - Echos Of The Future Buy Track ( 0.94)
11. Demure - Lindelwe Buy Track ( 0.94)
12. Dandragon - 20 Degrees In The Shade Buy Track ( 0.94)
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